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“Trick the eye, trigger the brain”, with no intention of deceit. "Encounters (Static Animations)" is an artistic exploration of visual triggers and narratives. The series uses the human brain’s innate mechanisms (pattern searching, attraction to high contrasts visual stimuli, repetitions and symmetries…), while attempting to create engaging sequences of images and embracing beauty.<br />
Vision is the result of our eyes and brain working in conjunction. We often fail to realize that our brain has natural, unconscious tendencies and mechanisms that can be exploited to elicit a response. Using sequences of six images, arranged in compact visual matrices, "Encounters" deconstruct visual narrative to its bare essentials (i.e. a frozen, unfolded GIF animation) and attempts to force the viewer to mentally fill-in the gaps and complete, restart the loop. <br />
It is meant as a series of visual catalysts for the viewer’s imagination, where the narratives are more suggested than imposed. The square matrix arrangement allows for the sequences to shift back and forth visually, and changes in the viewing distance will induce the pieces to be experienced as a whole or as individual images, reinforcing the sense of rhythm. In the process it revealed the surprising inquisitiveness of the animals toward the camera, while giving us a glimpse into their natural behavior.